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The Kinoeye archive
Other sites and online journals of interest

Welcome to the Kinoeye archive. The ultimate aim of the archive is to provide a near-as-damn-it definitive index of intelligent and thoughtful English-language analysis of cinema from the new Europe on the web. Covered by this resource are both external sites and all articles that have appeared either in Kinoeye the journal or its previous incarnation as a column in Central Europe Review. This particular page, however, is devoted to other online journals and sites that are generally of interest.

We are always looking for more sites to add. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

The journals list is divided into:


English-language film sites

  • 24 Frames Per Second
  • :
    "Uniquely personal reactions to film and film-makers."
    Digested arts news, mostly from the US but also from Europe.

  • Bright Lights Film Journal:
    A savvy San Fransico-based journal which loves to go
    off the beaten track. Essential.

  • Cinejournal:
    Forthcoming film journal from FIPRESCI.

  • Cinetext:
    Film and philosophy in English and German.

  • Czech Cinema:
    0 out of 10 for design. Rather better on content.

  • EuroScreenwriters:
    Interviews and articles on directors and screenwriters.

    Reports and interviews from around the (Western) world.
  • Film-Philosophy
  • :
    A journal and salon for discussion of film from a philosophical perspective.
    Resources for indie film-makers

  • Film Unlimited:
    Film reviews and news from the Guardian folks.

  • Films on Disc:
    Reviews, ratings and more.

    For those who like wolrd cinema without having to think too much.
  • Framework:
    A journal which "aims toward the intertextuality
    implicit in contemporary cultures."
  • Hollywood Reporter:
    Despite the name, this does cover international cinema.
  • Images:
    A journal of film and popular culture, mainly the former, which
    nicely balances the well-known and the obscure.
  • indieWIRE:
    Newswire service on independent film-making that occassionally
    goes into a bit more depth.
  • Intensities:
    A peer-reviewed journal dedicated to cult media studies.
  • Kinema:
    A meaty international film journal with some good content
    on film from the new Europe.
  • Kinokultura:
    Infrequently updated news on Russian film
  • Lawyers and Film:
    Images of law and lawyers on screen.
  • film page:
    Links to the latest film news. Very biased towards the US.
  • Offscreen:
    Canadian journal that stays clear of Hollywood.
  • Roger Ebert:
    Refined judgement from the Chicago Sun-Times' film critic. Indispensible.
  • Scope:
    An online film journal from the Nottingham Uni staff and students.
  • Screening the Past:
    A refereed electronic journal of visual media.
  • Screensite:
    Film journal for educators and students.
  • Senses of Cinema:
    Serious and eclectic film discussion.
  • Slavic Eurasian Studies Web:
    Massive site linking to hundreds of resources on
    all aspects of central and eastern Europe.
  • Sher's Russian Index:
    Another large resource site, this time for all things Russian, film included.
  • Variety:
    Needs no introduction.
  • Wide Angle:
    Only old issues online for this academic journal.

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English-language sites of general interest

  • Central Europe Review:
    Politics, society and culture from places as far apart as
    Finland and Albania.
  • Culture Kiosque:
    Lacks a permanent, regular film section but otherwise an
    excellent, multilingual guide to European culture.
    A portal for global news and articles from over 700 affiliates
    (of which Kinoeye is one).
  • Spaces of Identity:
    An academic journal dedicated to issues of tradition, cultural
    boundaries and identity formation in central and eastern Europe.

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Non-English-language film sites of interest

    Light reading on the latest releases in the Czech Republic.
    As above, except for Germany.
    ...and for Poland.
    Although technically bilingual, this journal has rather more
    in Hungarian than in English.
  • Hors Champs:
    A Canadian site with good coverage of wolrd cinema.
  • Iskusstvo kino (Film Art):
    The online version of the renowned Russian film journal
  • Ekran: Slovene film journal

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Web resources

The following resources have no film content, but are useful tools for checking details such as cast lists, diacritics on names and filmographies for directors:

  • Internet Movie Database:
    A huge selection of films from around the world, but don't
    trust the diacritics—they're invariably horribly wrong.
  • České filmové nebe: (Czech Film Heaven)
    Alas, this new version of the site no longer carries diacritics
    on any names or titles.
  • Film Polski:
    Has diacritics, but the search function won't work if you don't
    enter the correct diacritics on names and titles.
    Helpfully has an English navigation option and the option to
    do searches without diacritics.

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